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Temel Gaskets USA is a leading provider of sealing solutions made from a wide range of materials. All of which may be of use in the development of products to assist with the efforts against the transmission of Covid-19 as well as for products to assist medical professionals.

We can provide responses in an expedited fashion and design, develop, produce working prototypes.

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We manufacture high-quality engine sealing components that includes a wide variety of gaskets constructed from tools made in-house. The engineers at Temel have the product expertise to develop innovative designs and are well equipped to work with clients for the production of custom products. Our engine sealing products are ideal for use in heavy-duty trucks and commercial vehicles, as well as light duty, industrial, and marine applications. With our short lead times and competitive prices, we offer consistently reliability in our quality engineered manufacturing. Temel is the ideal business partner to fulfill your gasket and engine sealing needs.


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Temel’s Covid-19 Response

Temel’s Covid-19 Response

At Temel, our top priority is the health and safety of our employees, their families, our customers, our suppliers, and our communities. Early in the reporting of Covid 19’s global spread Temel took steps to safeguard its employees by implementing stringent health and safety measures, allowing the operation to continue seamlessly in these unprecedented times.

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