From Sunday May 8- Tuesday May 10, 2016, Messe Frankfurt will host Automechanika Dubai 2016 in the United Arab Emirates. The event is expected to attract over 2,000 exhibitors and 30,000+ visitors from 130 different countries, as the largest automotive aftermarket trade show in the Middle East. We will be exhibiting in Hall 6 at Stand D12.

For many years, Dubai has experienced steady economic growth, presenting opportunities that attract business professionals from all over the world. With the third largest economy in the Middle East, the UAE has become a serious competitor in the automotive industry. Dubai’s tourist and business friendly atmosphere, make it the ideal Middle Eastern location to host an international trade show. Temel Gaskets would like to offer some business travel trips for those of you attending to Automechanika Dubai 2016.

1. Be Prepared for Hot Weather

The tropical desert climate of Dubai has May temperatures that average about 31ºC. Dubai only has two seasons, summer and winter. This trade show will take place during the summer season, which lasts from April-October. With little chance of rain, the climate will be very hot and dry. You can expect about 11 hours of sunlight and it may be helpful to take precautions to prevent skin damage from the sun, such as wearing sunscreen, sunglasses, and protective clothing with long sleeves. While the days are hot, cooler evenings are perfect for walking around to explore the city. Staying hydrated and avoiding extended time in direct sunlight during the day will help keep you energized during your visit.

2. Explore Transportation Options

Automechanika Dubai will take place at the Dubai World Trade Center. There are many convenient and affordable travel options in Dubai. The trade show is located in close proximity to the World Trade Center station on the Dubai Metro. The Dubai Metro is very straightforward to navigate and provides access to the many of the most coveted city locations. Taxis are another good option for visitors who do not want to drive. Be sure to leave the trade show a bit early to beat the transportation rush and avoid having to wait for a taxi. Most taxi fares range from USD $10-15 for moderate distances. During the evenings and early mornings, walking is a fun and cost effective option.

3. Adapt to Cultural Customs

Dubai is inhabited by people from all over the world and has adapted to influences from outside visitors and residents. However, it is a good idea be mindful of UAE customs and acceptable etiquette. Arabic is the official language of the UAE. Knowing a bit of Arabic is helpful  when navigating business and casual settings. Even only using simple greetings and phrases in Arabic will demonstrate respect towards the culture and make Dubai natives more receptive towards you. It is courteous to accept coffee or tea when offered. Arabic coffee and tea has a slightly more robust flavor than the Western beverages. Some meetings may begin a bit later than scheduled, but remaining patient without excessive complaint will be viewed favorably. Be sure to dress conservatively in business attire for professional meeting and events. 

4. Dubai’s Different Business Week

The business week in Dubai begins on Sunday and extends through Thursday. It will be useful to keep this variation in mind when scheduling business meetings. Businesses usually take a 3 hour lunch break in the afternoon before resuming operation hours throughout the evening. While government offices are only open Sunday-Thursday, most retail shops and restaurants are open 7 days a week.  

After a long day of work, take some time to explore the city. Dubai offers many delicious dining options, museums, and shopping malls. We invite you to visit the Temel Gaskets booth in exhibit Hall 6 at Stand D12. We welcome business opportunities and the potential to form new partnerships and wish you a successful trip to Automechanika Dubai 2016.

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