Our employees, customers, and partners live all over the world, from Turkey to Thailand, from Nigeria to New Zealand, from Brazil to Belgium, and everywhere in between.

But here in the United States, we’re celebrating Thanksgiving.  Today, we want to share the spirit of this holiday with you by saying…

We’re thankful for YOU!

Wherever you are, and whatever holidays you celebrate, we hope you have time today to break bread with the people you love in a spirit of gratitude.

Now, on to the recipes…

Do you have time to whip up a last-minute addition to your dinner table? Try one of these creative ideas. They’re sure to set your tires spinning!

race car snack track1. Race Car Snack Track

Grab some chips and dip on your next pit stop. Follow these easy instructions to make this snack track.

Spare Chocolate Donuts2. Spare Chocolate Donuts

A simple chocolate donut takes on a new meaning when you point out how much they look like the miniature version of a real rubber tire.

Race Car Sandwich3. Race Car Sandwich

Use a knife or spoon to dig “car seats” out of a roll or baguette. Use a hotdog or sausage to make your drivers and wheels. You’ll never look at sandwiches the same way again.

Construction Site Cake4. Construction Site Cake

Step one: Decorate a pre-made chocolate cake with construction equipment toys. Step two: Dig in!

Fruity Cars5. Fruity Cars

Your guests will race to get to these snacks. Use peanut or cashew butter to attach grapes to apple slices. Vroom!

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