At this year’s AAPEX, we’re hosting a free 1-hour workshop on Six Sigma principles, tailored exclusively for the automotive aftermarket industry. There are many benefits that these principles can bring to your business, I’ve listed some below.

1. Improved Customer Loyalty
Customer loyalty and retention only come as a result of high levels of customer satisfaction. Implementing Six Sigma reduces the risk that your company will have dissatisfied customers. Once training is complete, few experiences should fall outside your customer’s specifications.

2. Time Management
Employing a Six Sigma methodology at your business can help employees manage their time effectively. This results in a more a efficient business and more productive employees.

3. Reduced Cycle Time
By using Six Sigma, a business can set up a team of experienced employees from all levels within the organization and from every functional department. This team can then identify factors that could lead to long cycle times and find solutions to these potential problems. After implementation, many firms report reductions in cycle times of up to 35 per cent.

4. Employee Motivation
Studies show that organizations with engaged with employees have demonstrated 25 – 50 percent increases in productivity. Six Sigma problem-solving tools and techniques allow for employee development and help create a climate and systems for employee motivation.

5. Strategic Planning
Six Sigma can play an integral part in any strategic vision. Once your business has used a created a mission statement and carried out a SWOT analysis, it helps you focus on areas for improvement.

6. Supply Chain Management
The aim of Six Sigma is to reduce your defect rate, and your suppliers have a major influence on whether this target is met. The most successful firms drive their improvements as far up the supply chain as possible.

photo credit: Dave Dugdale via photopin cc

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