2015 episode of MIMS Automechanika Moscow is right around the corner. Once again, Temel Gaskets be present. Our booth will be located at D303.


In 2014, over 30 thousand visitors attended MIMS Automechanika Moscow show to meet with exhibitors from 39 different countries. We are looking forward to making new contacts and continuing to build on our projects.


As we are preparing for our trip, we wanted to share some of the insights we gained during our past visits to Moscow. We hope our notes can help make this trip more convenient and beneficial for you. Here are the top 6 tips we would like to share:


  1. Before you get to Moscow. Where you book your hotel can save you time.

The show site is located adjacent to the Moscow International Business Center. The traffic around this complex is lighter than the traffic in the actual city center. Therefore, we strongly recommend booking your hotel as close as possible to the show site. There are many options from international hotel chains in this area. Also this way, you won’t have to fight the heavy traffic to get the show. If you do book your hotel there, you’ll find that a very frequently visited shopping spot, AFIMALL is also located inside the financial complex. You can purchase all your needs from this establishment that has shops for food along with many department stores. In addition, a very convenient transportation mode in Moscow, the metro, has a station right underneath the complex. The station is called “Vystavochnaya”. We’ll talk more about the metro network in the third tip.


  1. Getting to Moscow. Beware of 3 international airports.

A common feature of most big world cities, Moscow also services its visitors from three international airports. Each airport has convenient transportation to the city center via Aeroexpress trains. Last time we checked, the prices per person were 420 rubles and taking 45 minutes from Domodedovo, taking 20 minutes from Sheremetyevo, 35 minutes from Vnukovo airports. If you prefer to take a taxi from Vnukovo, the charge will land in the region of 2000 rubles. We will share some additional notes about taxis on the fourth tip.


  1. While you are in Moscow. Getting to places in Moscow is fairly consistent with the metro.

Taking the metro in Moscow is more than just a way to get to places, it happens to be an experience on its own and a part of recommended sightseeing. You’ll notice the artistic architecture of the metro stations and we trust that you’ll find the time you spend in the metros more enjoyable even if you end up taking the wrong train. Metros are fast and cost-effective. Please keep in mind that you’ll need your train ticket to exit as well, so hold on to them until you are over the ground.


Another to thing to keep in mind is that signage at the stations will all be in Russian, it will be helpful to have the spelling of the station you want to go to, spelled in Cyrillic alphabet in your directions, along with their pronunciations you feel comfortably reading.


This year Moscow metro celebrated its 80th birthday on May 15. The first ideas about the construction of Moscow Metro were expressed in 1875, However, the first Metro stations were opened only in 1935. (friendlylocalguides.com)


  1. Getting to places in Moscow might not be as consistent if you prefer not to use the metro.

When you are not traveling underground in Moscow, you might notice the lack of pedestrian crossings and sidewalks. This is due to the fact that most crossings are designed as underground passages.


So if you are over the ground and intending to hail a cab, we would like to note that private vehicles also operate as taxis in Moscow. Therefore, it will be wise to check before you hop into the first car that responds to your body language for cab a request. If you choose to take an official taxicab, once you confirm that it is an official vehicle, you’ll want to confirm the fee for your trip. This is the part you might quickly realize is not as consistent as the amount you pay for the metro tickets. If possible, it’s often recommended to ask for hotel personnel assistance when you need a taxi.


  1. Making the best of potential business leads might require the help of a local translator.

As one of the most popular metropolitan cities in the world, Moscow may not be the at the top of the list for highest number of English speakers. Even in business dealings, you might find that a comfortable conversation may require the assistance of a local translator. Since most translator services companies are aware of this need, they make it easy for exhibitors to request their services during the show. We recommend reaching out to the show management or your national exhibitor leads with regards to this topic.


  1. If you happen to have some extra time after the show, Moscow is full of history for you to visit.

For the sixth tip, we would like to give a quick overview of possible touristic activity options while you are in Moscow. Obviously, The Red Square will deserve a visit if you have time. The Red Square is where The Kremlin Palace, St. Basil’s Cathedral and the historical shopping center GUM are all located. In addition to many museums and art galleries, The Russian Public Library is the largest in Europe and second in the world after the US Library of Congress. It is located in Moscow, and was founded in 1862. (friendlylocalguides.com) The Gorky Park is among the popular spots for all tourists and residents. A fast way to do sightseeing will be to take advantage of the hop-on hop-off busses available throughout the majority of the city.


It’s hard to not notice Moscow River. The water that stretches along the city offers a different vantage point to the city. You may go on a boat tour on the river by going to the sales point right across from the Kievskaya train station.


MIMS Automechanika Moscow will take place at Expocentre in Moscow, during the dates of August 24 through 27.


Temel Gaskets will be exhibiting at booth D303.





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