Join Temel Gaskets at HDAW 2015, the automotive industry’s annual Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week, held January 26-29 at The Mirage in Las Vegas. Follow these tips for a successful trip.

1. The taxi line at the airport is deceptive.

Once you arrive in Las Vegas and you have your luggage, you’re likely going to make your way over to taxi line. Especially if your flight arrives during the day or the night before the show, you might be startled by the snaking taxi line. It’ll appear as there are hundreds of people in the line, because there might really be several hundreds. This is not so bad, because while it might be the longest taxi line you’ve ever seen, it’ll also be the one that moves the quickest. In about 15-20 minutes, it’ll be your turn and off you’ll go.

2. Beware of the distance between buildings.

The distance between the buildings — or in the case of Las Vegas, hotels — might not be that much of a concern for you if you intend to have a leisurely walk between them. On the other hand, if it’s a show day and you are planning your morning, you might want to calculate in a good 15 minutes travel time between each hotel. Because all the buildings are colossal, from a distance, they don’t look too big, especially when there is nothing else to scale with. So if you intend to stroll to the show from your hotel, it’s highly recommended to take a test walk before the day of the show.

3. Taxis won’t stop on the strip.

Another thing to keep in mind if you are attempting to walk from your hotel to the show is the fact that in Las Vegas, taxis are not allowed to drop-off or pick-up on the strip. So if you decide to walk and realize you are running late so walking won’t get you to the show fast enough, you won’t be able to waive down a taxi even if you see one. You’ll need to go by the entrance of one of the nearby hotels and catch a taxi from there. Please keep in mind all hotels have their own taxi lines. Taxis will drop you off at locations off the strip, hotel entrances, or show entrances.

4. Get ready for dry air.

While we don’t have exact statistics for this claim, we can say with confidence that one of the best selling items in Las Vegas is chapstick. Despite the buildings and fancy fountains, it is still the desert. It gets dry there. If you have a moisturizing lip balm already, it’ll be good to take with you. If not, there is always a CVS or a Walgreen’s nearby. You will need one.

5. Prepare for the temperature difference.

Las Vegas doesn’t get that cold during the day, and that can mislead you about how it’s going to feel at night. Similar to the dry air you’ll experience, another desert condition is going to be the big difference in temperature between day and night. It’s strongly recommended to have a light jacket for nighttime. It’s safe to say you won’t need your umbrella, though.

6. You’ll find great sightseeing just nearby.

The hotels and shops are great in Las Vegas. They have fancy lights and grand lobbies. But if this is not your first time to Las Vegas, you might be over that already. If you’re bored or just don’t enjoy the resort scene, you are in luck. There is much more to do within a couple hours of driving from the city. You can sign up for guided tours or venture out on your own. Red Rock Canyon is a hot spot for rock climbers and a great scenery. The visitor center will provide all information on the history of the area, while the route gives you an amazing view of ancient rock formations. Just a little further down the road, you can find the Hoover Dam. You might have seen the pictures, but once you are on that bridge over the valley, it’s very impressive to see the big drop and the water gushing underneath. If your time permits and you can extend your range of travel more than 2 hours, you’ll find a much longer list of sightseeing options as well.

7. Don’t sweat the security line at the airport when leaving.

You might not want to part with Las Vegas, but for most of us, the time comes in about a week. The taxi ride from the hotel to the airport won’t take long if you are leaving early morning. On the other hand, if it’s the day after the final day of a big show, you might want to prepare yourself for a long wait at the security line. There is a nice selection of coffee shops and restaurants, not to mention slot machines conveniently distributed all over the terminal. So you’ll have options to make the time pass quickly.

photo credit: KarinaInTO via photopin cc

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