Join us at EQUIP AUTO Algeria 2015, March 2 – March 5, SAFEX Exhibition Center.

1. Before you leave for Algeria:

While it’s always good to make a budget before any trip, it’s strongly recommended to do one before a trip to Algeria. It’ll be good to take just enough — but not too much — cash with you (the third item on this list will explain further why this is important to keep in mind). The capital of Algeria, Algiers, is located right by the Mediterranean. This might give you a mental image of warm summer days, but the temperature you feel will be much lower due to strong winds that carry high humidity from the sea to the land. It’ll be wise to pack layers.

2. Once you arrive in Algeria:

From this point on, prepare to bargain for pretty much anything. In most cases, the price of a service or a product will depend heavily on your persuasion and negotiation skills. In a way, it’s a good warm up before the show, especially if you are visiting to identify potential suppliers. But beware; most people you run into will probably be ready to bargain back.

3. Before you leave the airport:

By law, every visitor to Algeria is required to declare the amount of cash they are bringing into the country. You’ll easily find the counters that handle this process; it’ll be as simple as filling out a form. This form will be needed again when you are departing. This is why you shouldn’t carry more than what you anticipate spending during your visit.

4. Making your way from the airport to your hotel:

Taxis can be easily found right outside the airport, and you might also notice that most of them won’t have meters. Try to know in advance the approximate time of your trip so you can start the conversation with your price proposal. A typical ride from the airport to the city center takes about 45-50 minutes depending on traffic, and the cost will be around 1000 dinars. For the remaining time of your stay in Algeria, you can use taxis as cheap and quick modes of transportation, as long as you have an idea about how much and how long the trip will be.

5. Getting to the show site:

The show site is located between the airport and the city center. Booking your room at one of the chain hotels nearby the show site will help avoid city center traffic during show days.

6. Business days in Algeria:

Weekend days are Fridays and Saturdays. You can expect for all businesses to be closed on Fridays and some will be open on Saturdays. Banks will only operate from Sundays thru Thursdays, so it’ll be good to stop by on Thursday to buy dinars if you plan to stay through the weekend.

7. Going to the show and back:

It’s best to stay at a hotel in the vicinity of the show area. You may coordinate with your hotel’s concierge to hire a taxi for the entire duration of your visit. This may eliminate the need to negotiate a rate for every trip and might offer a more comfortable way to move around the city.

8. Before you leave Algeria:

Remember that form you filled out when you arrived? Now, that’s going to be the document used to verify the cash you are leaving the country with. Algerian dinar cannot be taken out of the country. Therefore, you might need to spend some time at the duty free shop if you bought more dinars than you needed for your trip. Your souvenir options are likely to include several of the artifacts that are typical to Algeria: carpets, crafts made from sheet copperware, and traditional Berber silverware. You may also find the “rose des sables” or sand rose, which is a crystal cluster of gypsum or baryte that grows below desert sands.

We also strongly suggest doing additional research before your trip, such as consulting with your local authorities about any legal requirements during your visit.

We hope you and your colleagues have the chance to enjoy Equip Auto Algeria! While you’re there, please stop by and visit our booth, number F11-E20 in Concorde Hall.

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