Join Temel Gaskets during AAPEX 2015, the automotive industry’s leading event. Once again at Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, the show will welcome thousands of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, service professionals and auto parts enthusiast from all over the world. The show will take place during the dates of November 3rd to 5th, with the AAPEXedu program starting on the 2nd.

Temel Gaskets will be at booth #2879 on the upper level.

In the meantime, as a follow up to our previous list of tips, we would like to highlight a few additional points that might help make the best of this great event.


Tips for the event: 


  1. Jump start the first day by attending the general session.

If you are looking to get even more motivated before the second day of the show, the keynote speaker at the general session will be the perfect person to give you that jolt of energy. Former Head of Global Engagement at Tesla Motors, Louis Efron will be addressing the attendees of AAPEX this year. One of the topics Louis will focus on will be “what purpose is why it is important to an attendee’s business and the auto care industry”. Temel Gaskets is proud to be among the sponsors of this session. Please click here for more information.


  1. Make a list of booths to visit ahead of entering the show area.

At a show like AAPEX, you won’t run out of booths to visit, people to talk to, and products to take a close look at. While that’s most certainly a great feature for a trade show, it’s still important to make sure to accomplish the purpose of your visit. We find it very helpful to make a list of booths to visit ahead of time, before setting foot on the show site and use this list to stay on track throughout the show.


  1. Take advantage of the educational sessions.

A lot takes place during the industry week. In addition to what you’ll find inside the exhibitors area, educational sessions are also a great way to catch up on the latest technologies, industry trends, best practices and make connections with individuals from other companies. AAPEXedu and AAPEX ExpressEdu sessions are free for AAPEX attendees. The attendees will earn .1 CEU credits, accredited by the University of the Aftermarket toward the AAP and MAAP designations. Please keep in mind the schedule for educational sessions begins on Monday the 2nd, a day before the exhibitions open. You may find more details on these session by clicking this link.


Travel tips:


  1. The taxi line at the airport moves fast.

In terms of taxi cabs from the airport, not much is likely to change here compared to your last visit. The taxi line is probably going to be noticeably long. Especially if your flight arrives during the day or the night before the show, the snaking taxi line might startle you at first. But once you are in the line, you’ll come to realize, while it might be the longest taxi line you might have ever seen, it will also be the one that moves the quickest. Approximately, in about 15-20 minutes, it will be your turn and off you’ll go to your hotel or the show site right away.


  1. Remember to stay hydrated.

We encourage everyone to keep in mind that despite the well air-conditioned buildings in Las Vegas, the effects of the desert will still be noticeable. The days are going to be warm and the nights are going to be cool, and the air is going to be dry pretty much all the time. This weather pattern combined with a busy schedule of business meals, receptions and long days, we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to put in extra effort to stay hydrated. A few bottles of water in your hotel room and a Chapstick® in your pocket will be great investments.


  1. You’ll find great sightseeing just nearby.

Las Vegas is home to the fanciest venues and grand lobbies. But if this is not your first time to Las Vegas, you might be wondering what else is out there. If that’s the case, you are in luck. You can sign up for guided tours or venture out on your own and find many options just within a couple hours of drive. To the west of the strip, Red Rock Canyon is a hot spot for rock climbers and great scenery. To the east of the strip, you can find the Hoover Dam. In operation since 1935, the dam is a vital provider of Las Vegas. You might have seen the pictures, but once you are on that bridge over the valley, it’s very impressive to see the big drop and the water gushing underneath. If your time permits and you can extend your range of travel more than 2 hours, you may consider booking a tour of Grand Canyon. The tours usually pick up at 7 a.m. and drop off back at your hotel at 9 p.m. the same day. You might not think of museums when you think of Las Vegas, but if you want to check out, the Mob Museum and the Atomic Testing Museum will both be very impressive and just a quick taxi ride off the strip.


  1. Prepare for a long wait at the security line.

As the second largest show in Las Vegas, AAPEX draws a big crowd. When it’s time to leave, most visitors choose to fly back. The taxi ride from the hotel to the airport probably won’t take that long, especially if you are leaving early morning. On the other hand, if your are heading over to the airport the day after the final day of the show, the security line is what you should prepare for rather than the traffic getting over the airport. Even the pre-check line might take longer than usual. It’s best to get to the airport early. Getting to your gate early won’t be a problem, you’ll find a nice selection of coffee shops and restaurants. And of course, since you are still in Vegas, don’t be surprised to see slot machines conveniently located all around you. They will be there in case you want to try your chance before you part with Las Vegas.

We wish everyone best of luck with their business and looking forward to seeing you at the show.


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