Holding its position among the leading companies of the automotive aftermarket in North America, Temel Gaskets has been once again ranked in AASA’s Top 100 Aftermarket Suppliers 2017 list.  While we claim this as our success, the credit only partially goes to us and we are thankful for the support we receive from our long-time as well as new clients.

Our ongoing efforts to keep Temel an evolving organization, offering a continually updated product range. Along with the expansion of product types Temel is known by such as cylinder head gaskets, exhaust gaskets, valve cover gaskets, turbocharger gaskets, Temel also added new product types to its range, such as valve body separator plates and heat shields.

Just a year ago Temel was recognized as the exclusive certified partner of Interface Solutions, please check out our press release here.

As in the previous years, the list is compiled jointly by Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) and Babcox Media. It is an updated list of suppliers who have continued to stay on the cutting edge by introducing innovative processes and reliable products.

In addition to its participation in AASA’s Top 100 Aftermarket Suppliers list, Temel also sponsored AASA’s annual Global Reception during AAPEX. The event was well attended with important players of the global automotive industry.

Tunç Kip, Ruth Horton, Timucin Kip

Our special thanks goes to Ben Brucato and his team for their involvement in carefully selecting the companies that lead the aftermarket and continue to be an integral part of the overall success of the automotive industry.

We would like to thank our long-time and recent customers, all of our team members at Temel, for their valuable contribution to this notable success.

Temel Gaskets is committed to continuing to invest in being a reliable partner for all sealing solutions and will continue to seek opportunities to apply its expertise in the ever evolving automotive industry.

Further details on AASA’s Top 10 Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers list can be accessed here.

AASA: www.aftermarketsuppliers.org

Image: Cover of AASA’s 2017 Top 100 Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers 

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