About Temel Gaskets

Founded in 1974, Temel Gaskets is a manufacturer of advanced sealing products and heat shields. For over 40 years, Temel has been supplying high quality sealing products to the OEMs in the global automotive industry. Currently operating out of 2 manufacturing facilities, Temel has recently invested in a quarter million square feet expansion to its operations.

Spanning over three generations, Temel builds on the experience gained from thousands of past projects, countless hours of interaction with design teams, engineering groups, marketing experts and most importantly builds on the feedback from its extensive list of clients.

Temel offers advanced level of expertise in the design and manufacturing of all sealing products, primarily engine related components. While the existing product range includes a wide multitude of applications and construction materials, Temel’s engineering team possesses the capability to work with newer technologies and offer innovative manufacturing methods.

In an effort to provide the most innovative solutions to its clients, Temel incorporates the latest technological advancements in material sciences and manufacturing equipment. One of its key competitive advantages is the ability to produce all necessary tools and molds in house, allowing Temel the opportunity to continuously improve tooling design, contributing to the further automation of its operations.

Temel is capable of producing all types of products and the tools necessary, for single layer and multilayer steel gaskets, composite gaskets, oil seals. At its dedicated facility, Temel produces all types of rubber, rubber edge bonded metal and rubber cork mixture products.

Customer Support

Temel Gaskets is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our customers know that they can depend on us to give them the highest quality of service before and after their purchases.

We work directly with our clients and make sure to provide them with all technical information they need. Especially in cases where we can offer suggestions for design improvements, we can create significant advantages for our clients.  We provide you with quick response, delivery reliability, engineering support, and more.

We know that their reputation depends on the consistent quality of the products we provide them as well as the support they receive from us before and after the sale. We are dedicated to efficiency in smooth, problem-free and timely delivery of the products we sell.

Creating Modern Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Temel Gaskets is dedicated to making advancements in automotive technology. Our engineering department continually researches new technologies. We quickly implement the necessary processes to rapidly integrate proven technology into our operations.

We are always ready to develop products we do not yet manufacture, but for which there is a demand. Additionally, we offer automated manufacturing processes which provide you with cost saving opportunities.

Employee Support and Safety

We place a high value on our employees. Without their dedication and integrity, Temel Gaskets could not be the company that it is today. We always make an effort to be sensitive to their needs and to create a caring and uplifting atmosphere in our company.

We empower all our team members and provide them the chance to contribute to our operations. Each of our employees is an expert in his or her role. To support our employees, we offer ongoing professional training and team-building exercises.

Maintaining employee safety is of the utmost importance. Temel Gaskets takes all necessary steps to create a safe-to-work environment for all our team members. We ensure their safety throughout the entire process of manufacturing. Through the automation of our manufacturing processes, we minimize human involvement, ultimately increasing safety level of the work environment.

Environmental Responsibility

At Temel Gaskets, we respect the earth. We take responsibility for our part in protecting the environment and make every effort to integrate an ethical approach to this area of our business.

We collect all production scrap and recycle. Also, as a result of increased efficiency of our material use, we minimize the amount of scrap from our production.

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