Cylinder Head Gaskets


Gaskets are used to seal engine parts and prevent leaks. A cylinder head gasket is positioned between the cylinder head and engine block, allowing it to seal the cylinders and provide the most possible compression to prevent coolant or engine oil from leaking into the cylinders. The areas between the cylinders are the weakest point in an engine. Located in the combustion chamber, many consider the head gasket to be the most important part of the engine. It must be extremely durable and compatible to the type of power produced by the engine. These gaskets can be manufactured out of many different materials, including: rubber, aramid, glass, cork, and metal. Having the correct cylinder head gasket prevents potentially serious and damaging internal and external leaks.These types of gaskets must be bolted down with a torque wrench to ensure they stay in place. Temel Gaskets offers a wide range of cylinder head gaskets for heavy duty and commercial vehicles.


A few examples from our product range:

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