Valve Body Separator Plates


In an automatic transmission, the valve body separator plate is one of the parts of the valve body which is the controlling mechanism for the flow of fluids. The valve body separator plate regulates the fluid flow inside the valve body by forming a seat for ball check valves with its holes and orifices. Consequently, the valve body separator plate prevents flow in some passages, while letting flow into others. Hence, as it’s mostly the case, in applications where there is fluid or gas which needs to be contained or regulated, there is the need for sealing. That sealing is provided commonly by layers of fiber material placed onto either side of the metal plate, or in more recent designs, this functionality is provided by partially coated or fully elastomer coated metal layers.

The products displayed are to present Temel’s technical capabilities and the specific products shown are not being marketed in relation to potential sales opportunities. Please contact us with regards to your valve body separator plate needs. Temel is capable of providing bonded, silk printed and embossed designs. Bonded designs offer mesh features per design requirements.

In addition, you may find further information at Temel’s blog: Temel Gaskets Has Added Valve Body Separator Plate


A few examples from our product range:

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