Interface® Performance Materials available through Temel

In addition to being a Certified Partner, meaning, 100% of all aftermarket fiber material used in Temel’s production is Interface® Material, Temel can also offer the OE grade Interface Performance Materials in roll or sheet forms cut to your custom dimensions.

Please find a list of all the grades for Interface Performance Materials available through Temel.

Depending on the grade of material, the required amount may even be available from the existing inventory, cutting down procurements time drastically.

Please also ask about various treatment options for the fiber material such as chemical impregnation for improved technical specs.

Furthermore, various grades are also available laminated as fiber composite metal material, either in roll form or sheets cut to custom dimensions.

Product Brochures

Interface Performance Materials – Gaskets Materials Brochure

interface performance materials

Interface Performance Materials – Value Grade Materials Brochure

interface performance materials

Data Sheets

Value Grade

Standard Roll Goods

Standard Sheet Goods

EnCore® Combined Materials

Rubber Edged Composite


*Interface Performance Materials is the manufacturer of above listed materials and Temel is not making any claims to the brand name or the origin of the raw material. Temel uses above listed products in its production to offer the final product and offers the material in its unprocessed form in rolls or as sheets cut to custom dimensions.

**More information on the Certified Partner program can be found here.

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