(in the photo: TAYSAD’s executive team, Auto Care Association’s visiting delegation, Tunç Kip from Temel Gaskets USA)


Last week, a visiting delegation from Auto Care Association was part of an action packed program that took place in one of the global hubs of the automotive manufacturing industry, TOSB Istanbul. Temel Gaskets was present for the entire program and we are confident we witnessed several instances that will soon become significant milestones in the partnership between the U.S. and Turkey automotive industries.

The program, hosted by TAYSAD, started off with a full day of B2B meetings on Wednesday. The presenters in these meetings were manufacturers from around Istanbul, as well as companies who traveled from nearby cities such as Izmir. If there was a heat-map of the manufacturing facilities that are the backbone of the automotive industry for OEMs and the aftermarket in Turkey as well as the global supply chain, the strip of land that stretches from Istanbul to Izmir would be bright red. Temel Gaskets has both its manufacturing facilities in Izmir. The city offers many advantages in terms of logistics by being a port city and is a wealth of highly motivated, highly educated individuals. It’s no surprise to see industry’s leading corporations such as Cummins Filtration, Gates Corporation, Delphi, MAHLE and many more to have growing operations in Izmir. With its third production facility, Temel Gaskets’ expansion to its existing operations will be strategically located in Izmir, too.

Turkey is home to a significant number of direct suppliers to OEMs and major distributors of the aftermarket. Turkey’s automotive manufacturing base offers high quality workmanship combined with reliable output. Last week’s meetings and interactions with the presenting manufacturers were surely successful in setting forth many critical aspects of the present opportunities. We hope for these meetings to help identify new leads and reveal new potential project in the U.S. market.

The second day of the program included, what we could surely refer to as concrete evidence of the entrepreneurial spirit and the constant drive for innovation. Both have been key factors behind the success of Turkey’s automotive industry as a vital part of the global supply chain. The tours of production facilities were full with examples of the effective use of robotics, increased efficiency through lean processes, and great examples of productivity through improved layouts. The most important of all, each company showed impressive emphasis on workplace safety along with direct focus on minimizing the possible adverse impact of their activities on the environment. ISO certifications were common by default and in addition, each company had certifications and awards to further underline the years of success in their fields.

The final portion of our itinerary was an all-day attendance at TAYSAD’s 6th Annual Aftermarket Conference. The conference hosted speakers from CLEPA, CAPAC, TAYSAD’s executive team, YPG, UIB, Valeo and more. The presentations were packed with current market statistics and essential discussions on upcoming trends.

Without a doubt, one of the main highlights of the program was the panel discussion moderated by Auto Care Association. Arlene Davis and Sheila Andrews from Auto Care Association together with Mike Mohler from Pronto and Isaac Mishail from National Parts Warehouse provided key information on the inner workings of the auto care industry in the U.S. and its distribution channels. The conversation touched on valuable pointers for new companies going after new ventures and also included topics that were truly beneficial for tenured companies that have succeeded to establish their brands in the North American market, such as Temel Gaskets.

As a long time member of both Auto Care Association and TAYSAD, we look forward to future events that aim to explore new opportunities for further growth and strengthening of the partnership within the global automotive supply chain.

Temel Gaskets continues to invest in its position amongst the leading manufacturers of the automotive industry and takes pride in being considered a reliable source by OEMs as well as the major distributors of the aftermarket.

New product development is a core part of Temel Gaskets’ operations. In house tooling production capability offers major advantage, not just as a cost controlling measure but also offers a full view of production ensuring high quality input at each step.

Please feel free to contact Temel Gaskets for all your inquiries for sealing solutions, heat shields and oil seals.


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