Last week we co-hosted the second regional Atlanta meet up for YANG with Global Parts Distributors. Last year we hosted the first ever regional meet up, and had a successful turnout.  This year we almost doubled our attendance and definitely doubled our fun; meeting at Top Golf for food, drinks, golf, and a great time with great people.

YANG is the Young Auto Care Network Group; a segment of the Auto Care Association that brings together young professionals within the auto care industry.

“The auto care industry’s dynamic and vibrant under-40 set finds its home with the Young Auto Care Network Group (YANG). YANG is a movement providing young auto care professionals in their twenties and thirties the opportunity to network with industry peers, enhance knowledge and improve leadership capabilities. ”

We look forward to continuing to facilitate this event and its growth. Please keep in mind that if the company you are with is an Auto Care Association member and if you are between the ages of 21 and 40, you can easily become a YANG member to enjoy the benefits. Contact us to learn more about joining YANG.

Stay tuned for upcoming events.

Please spread the word and invite your young professional colleagues and friends who are in the auto care industry.

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