I recently had the privilege and the pleasure of representing Temel Gaskets USA at the Auto Care Association’s annual Spring Leadership Days event in Scottsdale, Arizona. This event serves wonderfully as a platform for auto care professionals and volunteers to convene and have the opportunity to further develop existing relationships while becoming acquainted with new members. The shared goal of identifying ways to overcome industry challenges is one of the primary driving forces behind this event, which has a refreshingly positive impact on those wishing to work together and be active participants.

Temel Gaskets is a long time member of Auto Care (formerly known as AAIA), and we are pleased to have discovered more opportunities to positively impact the association’s efforts. Although this was the first ever Leadership Days event we have attended, it will remain on our calendar as a recurring event in the future.

It was my great honor to have received the invitation to this event through the Next Step program as one of the 12 scholarship recipients from the auto care young professionals. Next Step program’s objective is to provide a gateway for the future generation of auto care industry leaders into the inner workings of the Auto Care Association and to give them an exceptional chance to interact with current industry leaders.

This year Next Step program became a part of YANG group. The Young Auto Care Network Group (YANG) forms a circle of remarkable young professionals in the auto care network who are younger than 40 years of age, hosting discussions focused on topics specifically related to the challenges and successes that exist within this age group.

Synergies between participants from different segments of the industry, different roles from within organizations and different experience levels ranging from recent hires to decades in the industry continually emerged and strengthened throughout the meetings.

Auto Care Association supports the auto care industry on many fronts; among these are:

  • Putting together leading industry events
  • Representing the needs of the auto care industry with respect to governmental affairs
  • Analyzing vital market intelligence to offer a basis for accurate decisions
  • Offering educational opportunities in numerous fields
  • Providing additional means for the younger generation of this industry to excel in their careers

Auto Care Association accomplishes much more than can be mentioned in this brief text and repeatedly proved its role as a positively influential element in the industry. We at Temel encourage all auto care professionals to inquire about current programs within each area and to ask about ways they may contribute to the program as well. You can check out the list of existing committees here.

As the market of alternatives expands, successful establishment of relationships between companies and individuals who emerge as the best “fits” for each other becomes more and more crucial to the success of the industry as a whole.

On behalf of Temel Gaskets USA, I would like to thank Auto Care Association for its continued support in maintaining a positive growth platform for all of us in the auto care industry.

Temel Gaskets USA is committed to working together with Auto Care and YANG, so please stay tuned for updates.

In the meantime, mark your calendars for the Fall Leadership Days in Austin, Texas in September.

** Auto Care and YANG are trademarks of Auto Care Association.

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