The cylinder head gasket for Chrysler Slant 6 engines is available at Temel Gaskets. The cylinder head gasket is used in Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Perkins and Plymouth which has engine with 6 cylinder. The product is produced entirely in house and it is available at higher volumes if requested.

Temel Number: 10-019001-14

OE Number: 2843182, 4201149

Brand: Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Perkins and Plymouth

Model: Mopars


  • Non-asbestos fiber composite cylinder head facing material stamped using complete steel stamping tools for maximum precision.
  • 90mm bore diameter.


  • Non-asbestos fiber composite cylinder head facing material.
  • Stainless steel.
Applications: Chrysler Slant 6

Review the product now: Chrysler® Slant 6 Cylinder Head Gasket 2843182 & 4201149 Equivalent

Engine Info:

The Slant Six is Chrysler’s redesigned 6-cylinder engine in 1960. Moreover, it is known by ‘the leaning tower of power.” Its cylinders were arranged in the unique “slant 6” configuration that gave the engine its name.

Slant Six, an overhead-valve engine that would power everything from the Valiant to intermediate and full-size Mopars to trucks to vans to motor homes, tractors and marine and industrial equipment.

Chrysler produced Slant Six engines for its cars from 1960 through 1983 and through 1987 for Dodge trucks. By 1975, emissions controls had choked the 225 down to an anemic 95hp (net) and 185-lbs.ft. of torque. A two-barrel-equipped Super Six, making 110hp, was added for 1977.

Source: Chryslers Slant Six|Slant 6 Engine Specification|Slant 6|Leaning Tower of Power: The Chrysler Slant 6 Story

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