Full-Electric Applications and EV Solutions

As a full service engineering firm, Temel is an excellent partner for all full-electric applications and EV solutions.

Temel can deliver custom design idea to fit the needs of all electric applications and most importantly, delivers the results at the speed this new market segment moves.

Please consider Temel as your partner for all silicone beaded fiber, rubber edge bonded metal carrier, rubber over molded metal carrier and rubber coated steel embossed gaskets to name a few of the top contenders in the EV applications.

We can deliver sealing solutions for gearbox housing, power control unit housing, battery housing units to name a few.

Temel’s engineering team can work with application teams to determine the best design features to achieve the desired performance results while working towards staying within the project budget in terms of product development as well as mass production. Project timeline is the most important factor in such projects and you cab rely on Temel for meeting each milestone.

Having the entire process take place within its facilities, Temel design, develops and manufactures all physical samples from 3D printed samples, functional prototypes and mass production first samples, all within much shorter time then alternatives in the market.

We understand the needs of the EV applications and we think in the way this new initiative requires.

Please reach out to us to discuss your project needs.

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