Would you like to hear the successful employee stories from Temel? Firstly, let us introduce Okan Gültekin from Temel’s Turkey team who obtained the 3rd place in the bodybuilding championship.

Okan Gültekin from our Turkey team, has approved that Temel Gaskets team is as strong and powerful as Temel’s engine seals. Okan has participated in the Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships in Turkey and won the 3rd place of bodybuilding branch. He tells his story behind this achievement and the role of Temel Gaskets in it:

“Recently, I have participated in the National Body Building Championship in Turkey. I obtained the 3rd place in the bodybuilding branch. Previously, when I went to competitions, I faced several challenges regarding proper nutrition and funds. However, thanks to the support of Temel Gaskets, I have competed in  the championship without the the worry of how I was going to overcome to those challenges.

When your colleagues and managers treat you like family, even if my sports life is very strict, this kind of working environment motives me further to be successful in my sport. I can perform my sport without any stress. I come to work early in the morning and get started on my job. There is a warm environment, and smiling faces. Besides, there is financial support for my sports activity. And this working environment and supporting helps me to sleep well when I come back to my home and, this leads me to do my sport better. They helped and supported me on my way to becoming the 3rd best in Turkey for bodybuilding. I thank my managers and colleagues a lot for their support and confidence in me.”

Watch below Okan’s story for becoming the 3rd best in Turkey for bodybuilding:

As Temel Gaskets family, we would like to express our gratitude to him for the value he has added to our company and we assure him that we will continue our support for his sports career.

We believe that how strong and motivated team we have, how much excellent work we do and how perfect and qualified we produce. Keep tuned for our following success as Temel Gaskets team.

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