Engineering for the Global Auto Industry

New Product Development

Temel Gaskets’ engineering and tooling department is capable of designing and manufacturing tools for even the most complex and advanced gaskets, in significantly short time frames. All of our  products are precisely engineered using computer aided design software packages, and our engineering department has the capability to work with various design formats. We are able to work with samples, but technical drawings are always the basis for our product development.

Many other companies lack the ability to read, interpret, and work with technical drawings. At Temel Gaskets, we always create technical drawings,  and our tooling production department will begin work on a new product if only they have technical drawing for it. This way, we guarantee quality, accurate production.



Research and Development

Behind our continuous improvement and competitiveness is our commitment to R&D. Temel Gaskets’ engineering follows these principles to ensure cutting edge, quality research and development practices:

  • Minimize waste of resources
  • Automate processes to maximize quality and production value
  • Continuously enhance and improve manufacturing facility and product quality and standards meet or exceed industry best practices
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