Environmental Policy Scope

Temel Conta (Temel Gaskets) Environmental Management System;
Based on ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System Standard,
a) The processes, activities, materials used and the facility with the address below;
b) Legal and other conditions concerning our business,
c) It covers all planning, monitoring, measuring, training, auditing, reviewing activities and their records for meeting these conditions and for continuous improvement.

This Environmental Handbook defines the EMS conditions together with the TS EN 14001: 2015 standard.

All of our employees carry out cross-functional activities by applying this CHECK and system documentation.

Environmental Handbook, TS EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard requirements, implementation and continuous improvement of all units of TEMEL GASKETS, Increasing environmental performance, Achieving environmental goals and objectives, Fulfilling compliance obligations, Environmental Management System Requirements, Internal and External Issues, Environmental risks and It includes the works carried out within the life cycle.

TEMEL GASKETS takes the necessary precautions by creating procedures, instructions and tables to determine environmental dimensions, dangers, risks and opportunities in all its activities. The separation of the wastes generated within the company is carried out within our company, and the disposal of these wastes is carried out by licensed organizations. All wastes are followed in the Waste Management table. Environmental dimensions of production processes have been determined and noise has been determined as the most important environmental dimension. TEMEL GASKETS aims to produce in all its activities in a way that does not harm the nature.
The raw materials used in the products are evaluated by our Engineering Services in terms of their life cycle. It is obtained from sources that comply with legal and customer requirements (requirements) and sent to customers. Products produced and shipped by TEMEL GASKETS are scrapped and sent for recycling by the customer when the product has completed its life because it is used in vehicle engines.


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Web Address: www.temelgaskets.com
E-Mail: info@temelconta.com.tr

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