Founded in 1974, in Izmir, Turkey, Temel Gaskets has over 4 decades of experience in the manufacturing industry. We have worked to develop the highest quality sealing and engine related products and increase production efficiency, as our engineers continue to create more innovative products. In 2007, we opened an office in the United States, and have increased our trade between the U.S. and Turkey, while working to expand our U.S. presence in the automotive aftermarket industry.

International Trade Organizations 

We recently participated in a meeting for the Turkish American Business Association(TABA) on March 30th, in Izmir, Turkey. During the meeting, leadership was exchanged from the previous board to the new board members in their various leadership roles. The new team has already begun working and making plans for what they aim to accomplish during their term. Temel Gaskets has been involved with the organization in the past and this year, our Director of Business Development, Tunc Kip, has increased his role as a U.S. liaison for TABA.

TABA, part of the AmCham network, aims to promote growing communication and investment between the U.S. and Turkey. The organization provides a setting for sharing advice and fostering the smooth exchange of investments and business between the two countries. In order to accomplish this, TABA works to minimize barriers into entering the American market by working cooperatively with American commerce groups, partnering with NGOs, conducting market research, and organizing conferences.

The Turkish branch of American Chamber of Commerce(AmCham)  functions to bridge business interactions between the U.S. and Turkey, by supporting economic development in Turkey using bilateral trade and direct foreign investments. The organization aims to make the Turkish business environment stronger and increase its global influence. U.S. Commercial Service aids these efforts by helping U.S. companies become acclimated to engaging in commerce with international markets. The organization conducts trade missions, hosts webinars, and provides detailed annual reports about exports, job growth, and international sales.

Turkey’s Growing Automotive Industry 

As a growing player in the automotive industry, Turkey produces over 1 million vehicles each year. In the past 3 years, major OEM Companies have invested over 2.7 billion dollars in Turkey’s automotive industry. Out of the 100 top global automotive supplier companies, 35 of them have a location in Turkey. Commercial vehicle sales in Turkey are also predicted to continue their steadily increasing. Furthermore, the Turkish Government has expressed a commitment to advancing the automotive industry. Temel Gaskets has an active interest in promoting trade between the U.S. and Turkey.

Temel Gaskets is proud to work with organizations that actively support increased business between the U.S. and Turkey, as the commerce provides benefits to both countries. We look forward to continuing to expand our trade network and form new business partnerships. We welcome you to view our featured products and contact us for inquiries about our high quality sealing solutions.

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