For the first time, Temel Gaskets USA will attend the Mid-America Trucking Show 2015 in Louisville, KY, which takes place March 26th-28th at the Kentucky Expo Center. Temel Gaskets offers a great range of products for the over-the-road and off-road heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Reliable gaskets keep the engines of these vehicles running and their drivers happy. We look forward to meeting with industry leaders, and we will be present to discuss new projects along with detailed information on existing product lines.

In this special article, we are excited to collaborate with another one of the leading manufacturers of the automotive industry. Elif Kalayci from DITAS was very kind to share her insights on the upcoming Mid-American Trucking Show.

6 Tips To Do Kentucky Right

1. While planning for Kentucky

Elif notes that if you would like to avoid traffic and carve out a little more time to enjoy your breakfast, she strongly suggests considering booking your accommodations at a hotel close to the Kentucky Exposition center. She warns that as MATS is claimed to be one of the most crowded shows for trucking industry, entrance to the show can be overwhelming at times.

2. Before you leave for Kentucky

One cannot emphasize enough the importance of studying the exhibitors list prior to visiting any show. Elif believes that it’s especially important to do that before Mid-America Trucking show due to its vast coverage and constantly stimulating atmosphere with the best and the latest from the heavy duty trucking industry. The exhibitors list can be found here.

3. Once you arrive in Kentucky

In her past visits to the Mid-America Trucking Show, Elif says that she observed most of the exhibitors seemed to have flown in two days in advance to prepare for the show. She also adds that the Kentucky Airport (SDF) is likely to be more congested on the first day of the show, therefore arriving a few days in advance will provide the time to take care of registration and get situated at your hotel. There is a number of hotels in the vicinity of the show area, and they often provide shuttle service during the show period. Elif says she always calls the hotel before she finalizes her accommodation plans.

4. Arriving at the Mid-American Trucking Show

Elif makes a great point to remind us that this is in fact a trucking show, and so everybody loves to drive their trucks right to the show site. She says to expect a full parking lot. If you do choose to drive to the show site, parking will be $8 for passenger vehicles and $30 for tractor-trailers. The show management makes a grand gesture to attendees by providing a complimentary off-site tractor-trailer parking with shuttle service to and from the show site. The offsite shuttles are scheduled to run Thursday 9AM-7PM and Friday 9AM-11PM. Elif makes another reminder about the ongoing events throughout the show. It’s best to keep these in mind when you are deciding on your departure time to go over the show site. She suggests that you plan to be at the show area 15 minutes before the gates open to grab a nearby parking spot and have a stress-free start to the show. You may find more information on the show event schedule here.

5. Once you enter through the gates of the show

Just like at most shows, visitors to Mid-America Trucking show will also benefit from following a “proven to be the most effective” route. That will help you make the most of your time and get a chance to see all exhibitors. Elif advises to start from the West Wing and finish the tour at the South Wing. Via this route, attendees will visit parts and equipment section first, and will leave the vehicles section to the last.

6. Before you leave Kentucky

Once the show is over, assuming you still have energy to roam around, Kentucky offers endless options for sightseeing, outdoor activities, the best of bourbon tastings, and some of the most haunted spots in the world. If you are into history, you might be excited to know that Kentucky is the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. It’s the birthplace of Bluegrass music, too. For a more musical experience,  Appalachian festivals and the Country Music Highway are within reach, and it won’t be difficult to find a country music event to attend.  Bourbon is not the only fine beverage out of Kentucky: it’s also a great place with several vineyards. Kentucky is also home to Derby, national parks, a Corvette museum — need we say more? Elif suggests looking at the State of Kentucky’s tourism website for more details on how to make the best use of your free time at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

This article was written with contributions from Elif Kalayci, Business Development Manager of DITAS North America. DITAS is claimed to be the largest rod manufacturer of Turkey.

photo credit: Rush Hour In Downtown Louisville via photopin (license)

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