This is an article from YANGster Wrap Volume 7 published by the Young Autocare Network Group.

The article was written by Tunc Kip, Director of Business Development for Temel Gaskets USA.

Over the past years, my pursuit for new business opportunities for Temel Gaskets USA took me to many countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, China, Taiwan, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Brazil and more.

As a result, my travel backpack has a few extra items now, but I’m confident that I won’t be looking for anything during my trips. I have it down to a science. Here is a quick list of four must-pack items to make the best of your trips.


1. Inflatable neck pillow

Most business schedules don’t allow for the luxury of additional time to rest before the meetings. Therefore, it’s critical to get the best sleep possible during those flights. I’m fortunate to have the ability to fall asleep in just a few seconds after I close my eyes; on the other hand, the quality of my sleep is significantly impacted by how comfortable my neck is. So I always carry an inflatable neck pillow. It folds flat and always stays in my travel backpack.


2. Universal converter

The standard question of, “Are you carrying any electronics?” has definitely lost its meaning and it makes way more sense to ask how many devices one is carrying. So this leaves us with the need to always be able to hook up to power. Here comes the universal converter to save the day.


3. USB battery pack

What good is a universal converter if there are no power outlets? So for those moments, USB battery packs step into the scene. I always carry one with a capacity of 5000mAh, which is enough to charge most phones twice from dead to full charge.


4. A foldable backpack

I prefer to pack a foldable backpack because I like having another bag to carry my daily items. Most foldable backpacks do not resemble laptop bags, which provide an additional level of safety allowing carrying such valuable items a bit more discreetly.

Of course, a 10-day trip to Dubai requires much more than just the above listed four items. Some of the other things I keep in my travel backpack are sunglasses, vitamins, business cards and a pen.

Thanks to Google, you can now download maps ahead of time for offline viewing and it’s hard to put a price on the convenience Google Translate app offers. Google Translate can help order food in Shanghai and earn a new client in Sao Paulo.

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