Manufacturer's Manifesto

1. If it can be manufactured, do it.

Temel Gaskets employs the latest technological advancements and offers the highest quality material options, enabling us to provide the most reliable of products which meet and exceed expected performance.

2. If it can’t be manufactured, research and find a way.

Within existing legal boundaries, Temel Gaskets performs extensive research on inquiries involving new product development. Temel’s team works closely with end users and their counterparts on the client side to obtain the full scope of product environment.

3. Manufacture from the right material.

Temel Gaskets has many years of active relationships with OEM grade material suppliers. All materials used in our production facilities are produced exactly according to design specifications. Stainless steel, pure graphite and high quality elastomers are some of the materials procured in high volumes.

4. Manufacture a reliable product.

Temel Gaskets is known for its top performing sealing products. Especially when it comes to application critical items such as cylinder head gaskets, many OEMs and major distributors of the aftermarket rely on Temel’s products.

5. Be an expert about the product being produced.

For more than 40 years Temel Gaskets has been producing sealing products of widely varying types, including cylinder head gaskets, exhaust gaskets, valve cover gaskets, oil pan gaskets, valve stem seals, o-rings and recently added heat shields and dynamic seals. Every product designed, developed and shipped from Temel Gaskets’ facilities is backed by more than 40 years of expertise and knowledge in sealing solutions along with top of the line engineering support.

6. Provide safe and clean working environments.

All manufacturing facilities and offices at Temel Gaskets have been designed and are continually maintained in such a way as to offer safe work environments that are free of any elements which might hinder a positive work environment. The most current of technological safety measurements are installed on all manufacturing equipment; and team members continually brainstorm for the purpose of integrating further automation in order to reduce the need for involvement.

7. Design processes that minimize the effect of manufacturing on the environment.

Temel Gaskets is regularly audited for ISO 14000 requirements, ensuring that our manufacturing elements always comply with the latest environmental protection standards. In-house designed tools which minimize excess materials in manufacturing processes, machines which are custom built for the most effective use of these tools and proper handling of waste material are just a few of the methods Temel Gaskets uses to run a modern production facility. In addition, something that has become trivial knowledge is the fact that all of Temel Gaskets’ products are asbestos-free.

8. Design processes that consistently deliver high quality products.

Automation is an integral part and a requirement during the design of manufacturing processes as well as administrative processes at Temel Gaskets. Consistency can only be achieved by eliminating possible causes for variation in the system. Automation increases control as well as consistency.

9. Manufacture in the most effective way.

Temel Gaskets really does believe in doing things right the first time. This approach requires a clear understanding of client requirements the process step before and after.

10. Support other manufacturers who are committed to following this manifesto.

Temel Gaskets highly appreciates the competitive nature of the manufacturing industry and the global automotive market. We are very much in support of collaboration with companies which value customer-focused goals and those which aim to achieve engineering excellence.

11. Manufacturing is creating.

At Temel Gaskets, great engineers using great equipment create great products. That we take pride in the product at every stage and ensure that this creation will be the best that can be is easily observed thoughout the entire operation.

12. Consider manufacturing a form of problem solving.

It often happens that a client inquiry is presented in the form of a problem which currently exists. Temel Gaskets takes these opportunities to offer solutions that lie anywhere from the material all the way to the packaged product. Some solutions might be implemented in the administrative processes to achieve greater efficiency.

13. Make your thinking visible.

At Temel Gaskets, technical drawings, FMEA charts, and visual descriptions of statistics are a regular part of documentation and meetings. Making one’s thoughts visible is the only way those thoughts can become foundations upon which to make improvements.

14. Maintain precise documentation.

Temel Gaskets is an ISO9001 certified company and strongly believes in the importance of doing what’s documented and documenting what’s done. The documentation of activities is a natural part of the process and takes place without creating bureaucracy. Periodic revisions of documentation ensure compliance with the related real-life applications.

15. Allow your team to build on your expertise.

Frequent cross-discipline team meetings, a knowledge base that is accessible to all related staff and a centralized document archiving system together create a common language throughout the enterprise, offering a platform on which every team member can build on the collective expertise.

16. Support educational endeavors.

Temel Gaskets places great importance on continuing education on many fronts and allocates resources which are specified for participation in projects with educational institutions such as local universities.

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