Temel Gaskets continues to invest in its gasket manufacturing facility and introduces new technology equipment to its machine park. Besides, Temel Gaskets utilizes automation methods in order to increase efficiency in its production processes and reduce manufacturing costs.

Manufacturing for Higher Quality and Competitive Pricing

Our production volume and redundant lines of equipment provides Temel Gaskets with the ability to respond to very high volume demands. Moreover, we can expedite production if needed, because we can produce more tools and run multiple machines at the same time. Our machines are state of the art, and we have automated production lines to increase consistency while keeping human involvement to a minimum.

Product Range & Capabilities

  • Flexible Graphite Composite Gaskets
  • Fiber Composite Gaskets
  • Multi Layer Steel Gaskets
  • Metal Fiber Laminated Gaskets
  • Die-cut Fiber Gaskets
  • Die-cut Rubber Coated Steel Gaskets
  • Die-cut Foam Coated Steel Gaskets
  • Rubber Edge Molded Metal Gaskets
  • Rubber Edge Bonded Metal (REM)
  • Specialty Coated Metal Gaskets
  • Embossed Metal Gaskets
  • Single Layer Steel Gaskets
  • Welded Grommets Gaskets
  • Metal Insert Molded Elastomer Gaskets
  • Ruber Molded Gaskets
  • Ruber O-Rings
  • Adhesive Backed Gaskets
  • Vibration Dampening / Shock Absorbing Gaskets
  • Touchscreen / Touch Panel Gaskets
  • Electrical Enclosure Gaskets
  • Battery Enclosure Gasket


Cutting-Edge Facilities


Stamping and Tooling
At this location, we do all our soft material and metal stamping. We also have our tooling department in a part of this facility. Additionally, it provides warehousing our products for upcoming shipments.


Rubber and Cork
Here we do our rubber-cork manufacturing. We also have our compression and injection molding machines here, which do rubber and edge-bonded rubber gaskets, along with high volume oil seal production lines.


New Expansion
This is an expansion to the above two facilities. Here we have the very latest technology and the most efficient layout to maximize cost saving opportunities in our production.

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