Over the past weekend, we saw Floyd Mayweather face his rival Manny Pacquiao in the ring at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. It was viewed as a fair pairing of two successful boxers with either side having an even chance of claiming the victory. While the suspense was at its highest level going up to the match hour, by now, we all know who the champion is.

In the context of cylinder head gasket production, in a hypothetical match up between metal stamping tools vs. rule die stamping tools, there will be no suspense. The pairing will be like a boxing match between a heavyweight and a featherweight athlete. To takeaway even more from the uncertainty of the verdict, we may assume that the heavyweight athlete has had years of training by Mike Tyson while the featherweight athlete only put the gloves on for the first time. We wouldn’t suggest you to put your bets
on this rookie featherweight, the same way we wouldn’t suggest you to put your bets on any cylinder head gasket and any other gaskets made from metal and composite materials, produced using rule die stamping tools. This match will end at round 0.

Here is a list of 5 reasons why you should always ask for cylinder head gaskets and metal gaskets produced using metal stamping tools:

1. Metal Stamping Tools Ensure Precise Dimensions

Despite the fact that almost all sealing products require a great deal of precision in their dimensions, cylinder head gaskets are the ones with the lowest tolerance. The slight bit of error in dimensions might result to major issues in the engine. Metal stamping tools offer this high level of precision due to their sheer cutting force that even the thicker sheets of metal cannot withstand. Rule die tools on the other hand, can easily give if used on hard material, resulting in unwanted variation in the dimensions of the stamped material. Especially for the bores a cylinder head gasket, the exact design can only be ensured by metal stamping tools. With metal tools, diameters won’t change and the circular dimensions will remain consistent.

2. Metal Stamping Tools Deliver Clean Edges

As an added benefit of the sheer cutting force, metal stamping tools always deliver very clean edges around all cuts that are perfectly perpendicular to the surface of the material. In cases where rule dies are used, it’s often possible to see the slanted edges easily with naked eye, which will indicate a difference in dimensions of the upper surface of the cut material and the lower surface. Metal tools will leave cut edges with no burrs where as rule die tools will leave noticeable indications of where the material resists to the knife.

3. Metal Stamping Tools Offer Consistent Dimensions at Low to Very High Volumes

Unlike Pacquiao and Mayweather, this match between metal and rule die tools won’t last for 11 rounds. Rule Die tools will give out a almost right away if attempted to stamp metal material and begin displaying noticeable signs of deterioration. According to ESPN, Mayweather landed 148 punches while Pacquiao landed only 81. This won’t even be the case when it comes to stamping tools because Rule Die tools stop throwing punches too, the rule die will become dull and offer no functionality. Metal stamping tools are made to last, and made to deliver the high precision needed for production volumes in the millions depending on the design. The major difference in required upfront investment for a metal tool, pays of in the long run.

4. MLS Type Gaskets Must Be Produced Using Metal Stamping Tools

If you are familiar with the Multi Layer Steel (MLS) type gaskets, you already know what this fourth item will state. The design features that are critical to the performance of an MLS type gasket, can only be achieved using metal stamping tools. These type gaskets have embossing on them in order to provide the high performance sealing ability designed for high output engines. The embossing must be applied to the kind of grade of steel that offers the required spring quality and such material can only be formed using metal stamping tools. Rule dies won’t even show up to the weigh-in in this case, just like Roberto Garcia didn’t earlier this year against Shawn Porter.

rubber injection tool

5. Metal Stamping Tool Require High Level of Design Expertise and In Depth Understanding

Unlike the design process of a rule die tool, metal stamping tools require the understanding of material characteristics along with the often three-dimensional features of the final product. The design process of a metal stamping tool combines the highest level of understanding of the final product, factors that impact material selection both for the product and the stamping tool and the long term manufacturing requirements. The hard work and the much greater upfront investment put in for metal stamping tools return value with every gasket stamped.

This level of mastery can only be the culmination of years of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing the highest quality sealing solutions complimented with state of the art manufacturing facilities, all overlooked by the expert engineering team. Temel Gaskets has been an example of this synergy for over 40 years.

multi layer steel mls cylinder head gasket tool

At Temel Gaskets, you’ll find that all items above and even more are considered in our product development discussions. Many examples of the successful results of above can be found in the form of our products such as the cylinder head gaskets with graphite composite with stainless steel metal core Cummins® ISX engine application, single layer metal cylinder head gasket for Volvo® D12 (Mack® MP7) engine application, a rubber coated metal MLS type cylinder head gasket for Ford® Transit Connect engine application, many another rubber coated metal MLS type cylinder head gasket such as for Perkins® 1104 series engine application and also the metal exhaust manifold gasket Navistar® DT466 engine application.

multi layer steel gasket tool

Temel Gaskets produces its own tools, providing the opportunity to have control over the entire production process starting from tooling design all the way to the final product.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our products.

If you were getting ready to watch the match on Saturday, we hope that your plans weren’t interrupted by the Direct TV outage and that you didn’t have to wait for 798 minutes to talk to a customer representative from well-known cable company.

At Temel Gaskets, we get back to you right away.

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