For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

You need a partner that can understand design and offer technical expertise.

When you design your engine, you have to determine what kind of gasket you need. At that point, having someone on your side who understands sealing solutions will be critical to the success of your project. We can work with you to make design suggestions for your new engine plans, ensuring that your engine runs smoothly.

New Product Development

Temel Gaskets offers the latest technological advancements to be utilized in projects with OEMs. New product development has been one of the core areas for years of growth Temel Gaskets has seen as a result of many projects who continue to be trusting partners. Our engineering team is capable of analyzing material options as well as manufacturing methods that best suit the final product requirements. Through a combination of expertise and comptur aided analysis, Temel Gaskets maximizes the impact of collaborative efforts while keeping development costs at a minimum.

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Cutting Edge Technology

Temel Gaskets continues to invest in its facilities and employees. Ongoing training on advancements in the industry is combined with regular attandence at tradeshows where our team finds great opportunities to uncover innovative solutions to futher our manufacuturing capabilities. Automation is given top priority at Temel Gaskets. We take pride in our almost n0-labor-requiring manufacturing lines that take raw material and produce the final product in a single line.

Material and Application Testing

As a result of long standing relationships with many OEMs, Temel Gaskets established strong ties with the primary suppliers of the original parts manufacturers. We are able to procure any material required for your projects and perform internally or externally all tests necessary to assure the high quality standards we set for our operations.

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