For Parts Distributors

You need a partner who offers a broad product range of the highest quality — all with short lead times and competitive prices, too.

Wide Product Range

As a supplier to the international auto industry and parts distributors for over 40 years, Temel Gaskets offers a wide range of products that will include the latest applications for the aftermarket.  We also provide items for earlier models that may be hard to find.

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Increased Customer Satisfaction

Your customers want the best quality products at the best prices. When you work with Temel, that’s what you can offer them. We take the same approach to all types of product lines.  As a parts distributor, you can be sure that we’ll apply the same discipline to aftermarket products as we do for our OEM production.

Reduced Costs

When you partner with Temel Gaskets, you’ll be able to work with as few suppliers as possible. That means that you can minimize the cost of sourcing and managing your supply chain.

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