On December 10, 2015, Tunc Kip, Director of Business Development at Temel Gaskets, hosted an educational webinar entitled, The Philosophy of Problem Solving, sponsored by the Young Auto Care Network Group (YANG). YANG, a subsidiary of the Auto Care Association, serves to provide a platform to young professionals under the age of 40 that promotes networking and professional development within the auto industry. Nearly 50 attendants participated in the online webinar that explored innovative problem solving techniques. Among these techniques were visible thinking and reproducible decision-making practices that could potentially be implemented into company procedures. The concepts presented in the webinar aim to create a professional atmosphere in which emerging problems foster active communication and rapid development of effective solutions through use of the Six Sigma process. Temel Gaskets welcomes interested individuals to learn more by contacting Temel Gaskets directly.

We have an article discussing the Six Sigma technique available on our blog as well.

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