Rapid Prototyping


Temel can offer great solutions for rapid prototyping.

Depending on the needs of the project, 3D prototyping with multiple material types, rapid tooling, laser cutting, flash cutting, CNC machining are some of the options Temel can offer to allow your project idea to take off as fast as possible.

The entire process of determining the best design idea, designing the prototype, manufacturing a first physical sample for a prototype for validation takes places under full supervision of Temel’s team and is done at Temel’s facilities.

In the later stages, the necessary tooling is designed and manufactured by Temel at its facilities providing a great advantage in positioning the project for best mass production results.

Mass production tools and first production sample become the priority for Temel once after prototype approval.

Since the product will always going to be and only going to be produced by Temel, you can always count on the fact that you will receive the identical item from the first to the millionth.

Please contact us for your engineering and sealing solution needs.

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