Temel Gaskets: A Successful Track Record

A look at over 40 years of history

and three generations of continuous growth



First production facility in Pinarbasi, Izmir, Turkey became operational. At this location, Temel Gaskets began producing gaskets and all tools necessary for production of gaskets.


Temel Gaskets made its first delivery to an OEM company, taking the first step towards what soon became long term supplying relationship with many other OEMs.


Temel Gaskets _ Kemalpasa in 1980s(1)

Second production facility in Kemalpasa, Izmir, Turkey received its equipment.


Production began at the Kemalpasa facility.


Temel Gaskets stated producing gasket material to be supplied as raw material to other manufacturers in the industry.


Temel Gaskets began producing rubber cork sheets and rubber cork gaskets.


First export to the U.S. began with a full container of shipment.


Temel Gaskets became a Tier 1 supplier for cylinder head gaskets to Ford Motor Company. With the Q1 certification awarded by Ford, Temel Gaskets became a pre-approved supplier to the global network of Ford operations.


Temel Gaskets Headquarters Turkey

Headquarters building for management offices operational in the heart of Izmir. This historical building is still an icon in the Izmir bay area by Passport ferry dock.


Temel Gaskets pinarbasi

A forward thinking strategy implemented by the management, Pinarbasi production facility received a complete technology update and expanded the facility with an additional 43,000 sqft. During this time, the building itself also receives a renovation on both interior and exterior.


Tooling production department received significant investment for a total renovation of machinery and workshop.


temel gaskets kemalpasa

At its Kemalpasa facility, Temel Gaskets began its rubber (elastomer) production activities. After this step, Temel Gaskets rapidly introduced rubber, rubber edge bonded metal, metal carrier rubber gaskets. At this facility several compression, injection-molding machines are producing the highest quality parts for the global automotive industry.


Temel Gaskets began supplying to the North American heavy-duty industry, which became one of the main drivers for the extensive growth in the product range for heavy-duty and off-road commercial applications.


Temel Gaskets USA started its operations at its office in Kansas City, MO.


temel gaskets usa office

Temel Gaskets USA office moved to Atlanta, GA.


The investment decision was followed by the preparation of the third manufacturing facility for Temel Gaskets. The new facility will be a quarter million square feet expansion for the existing operations. Temel Gaskets also became an Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA) member.


Temel Gaskets took the first step in establishing inventory facilities in the U.S.


Temel Gaskets receives the exclusive Certified Partnership status from Interface Materials

interface certified partner


Temel Gaskets invests in its third facility, a quarter million square feet expansion to its existing operation.

Located in Izmir, Turkey, in the Pancar Industrial Organization Zone.


Temel Gaskets breaks ground in its new facility.


Temel Gaskets chooses the highest quality roofing material produced by Firestone Roofing Products, Polyiso to be applied to its roof for the lightest and most advanced protection.


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