As a family company of three generations, Temel Gaskets gives great importance in investing in the future of the global automotive industry. It’s clear, to anyone with the slightest intention of long term planning, the future of this industry is in the hands of the individuals who may still be in school. They are the ones who will come up with something that may appear impossible at the moment, they are the ones who will find ways to increase efficiency beyond what may be thought as unobtainable and they are the ones who will teach us what the global market expects to see several years down the road. To make all this possible, as the current players of the market, it’s our responsibility to provide the necessary platform.

During Leadership 2.0 at Northwood University last year, a recurring theme was that in the auto industry, an individual only looks for a job one time, that’s when they are first hired. This we know is very true. While the dynamics are changing every other year, the auto industry still remains as a place of lifetime career.

Not surprisingly, very similar to the initiatives of the Auto Care Association in creating career opportunities for newcomers, TAYSAD in Turkey has been working on several programs to attract recent graduates to join the automotive industry. This is no coincidence and it’s not purely a result of any specific interaction between the two associations. The associations understand the needs of their markets and the good ones make a focused effort to respond those needs. In this case, the needs of both markets are aligned. In fact, this is a common need globally. The industry needs bright minds, varying backgrounds joining the efforts to create the next level of mobility.

Recently, at the Automechanika Istanbul show, TAYSAD included a two day seminar and a panel to address the questions but more importantly to inspire students from the local universities. Director of Business Development, Tunç Kip of Temel Gaskets was a part of this program along with other executives from industry leading companies such as Dr. Ali Erkin Kutlu and Gulbin Gayretlier Dulger from Standard Profil, Muhsin Mazman from Mutlu Batteries and Yavuz Gunaydin from Elring Klinger Turkey. This program was sponsored directly by the show organization and the participating schools.

Anyone who is already in the automotive industry will confirm this industry offers endless amount of opportunities and includes various disciplines all together. At the same time, anyone without that experience, may benefit greatly from hearing the stories of many and the goal of this program was to inspire those unaware young minds.

The second day of the program attracted a very pleasing crowd and we would like to thank TAYSAD, the Automechanika team from Messe Frankfurt, the sponsors and all the participating schools. Most importantly, we praise the contribution of the executives who were willing to give presentations and participate as panelists. Their input is much appreciated and vital to the success of such a program.

Temel Gaskets USA is one of the supporters of AWDA’s internship scholarship program, the NEXT Stepper program, YANG.

We look forward to continuing our activities in future programs to welcome individuals to contact us who are interested in exploring a career opportunity in the automotive industry.

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