Temel Gaskets participated in HDAW 2016 (Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week 2016and presented the latest product developments to the visitors from the heavy duty industry. HDAW is organized annually in collaboration with HDDA, HDMA and CVSN. While Temel Gaskets has been a direct source to the heavy duty market for many years, it was our pleasure to be present at HDAW as a recent HDMA member. During the same week, CSVN Pinewood Challengehosted by Minimizer attracted several of the attendees and provided a friendly environment for companies to compete in racing their originally designed trucks. “Temel’s Gasket Express” made its debut at the event this year, and showed promising performance on the track. Temel’s Gasket Express will be back next year with an improved design and a lot more flash.

Temel Gaskets Booth 

IMG_2451_2016-02-03-0002 File_004_2016-02-03-0002

Product Showcase

IMG_2460_2016-02-03-0003 IMG_2458_2016-02-03-0002 IMG_2461_2016-02-03-0004

Temel’s Gasket Expreess

File_006_2016-02-03-0001 File_002_2016-02-03-0001 IMG_2481_2016-02-03-0015 IMG_2479_2016-02-03-0013

Companies’ Model 18-Wheelers 

IMG_2455_2016-02-03-0004 IMG_2466_2016-02-03-0003 IMG_2467_2016-02-03-0004

Racing Time!

 IMG_2477_2016-02-03-0012  IMG_2483_2016-02-03-0017 IMG_2484_2016-02-03-0002 IMG_2485_2016-02-03-0019



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