On February 27, 2016, Temel Gaskets USA attended the 4th Annual Formula South Invitational at Kennesaw State University, in Marietta, Georgia. The competition featured 10 collegiate Formula SAE teams from the across the Southeast region of the United States.

The Formula SAE event hosted many ambitious and creative young engineers and Temel Gaskets was thrilled to be one of the event sponsors. Other event sponsors included Delta TechOps, Porsche Experience Center, Panoz Racing, Yamaha, and Andretti. We enjoyed watching the phases of competition, which included events in acceleration, autocross, endurance, and a skid pad test. During the 6-hour event, spectators were entertained by testing variety of Porsche vehicles and other exotic cars. It was exciting to see the results of the impressive work students invested in designing and building their dynamic formula style vehicles. We enjoyed engaging with enthusiastic engineering students who are the upcoming leaders of auto industry.

SAE International, the Society of Automotive and Aerospace Engineers, is the parent organization of Formula SAE, which was founded in 1979, as a design competition. The concept comes from the idea that universities are being contracted by an imaginary manufacturing company to build a small formula style car that will be evaluated for its production potential. The car is designed, built, and tested by a team of students, and the competitions have expanded to Australia, Brazil, Japan, and select European countries.

Temel Gaskets aims to support the next generation of engineers and contribute to their education. We believe in sharing our extensive engineering knowledge and years of expertise in designing, developing, manufacturing high precision sealing solutions for the automotive industry. We would like to assist Formula SAE teams in the their current projects at universities to show our interest in the future of auto technology. We hope to make Formula SAE an experience where students gain exposure to the business side of the industry, along with technical knowledge and welcome feedback from young minds who can help us identify areas for improvement. 

Created in 1992, Kennesaw University’s Formula SAE  has over two decades of participation in Formula SAE. In 2015, Kennesaw’s team won 1st place in the cost report category at the Michigan competition and 4th place the cost report category in Lincoln, Nebraska. The team looks forward to a great year of competition as they strive to continue improving their innovative design and exhibiting a spirited performance.

The Formula SAE event brought together many automobile admirers and created a rich environment for students to share their work. The passion of future automotive industry engineers motivates the Temel Gaskets USA Team to make valuable network contributions. Temel Gaskets  congratulates each of the Formula SAE teams for their extraordinary work, as we look forward to continue engaging with future innovators of the automotive industry.  

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