Continuing to expand its range of products, Temel now includes valve body separator plates in its offerings. The critical functionality of this part makes Temel a perfect candidate to bring together the years of engineering expertise with the design, development and manufacturing activities necessary in order to create the right product.


temel gaskets valve body separator plates


In an automatic transmission, the valve body is the controlling mechanism for the flow of fluids. Inside the valve body, the primary moving parts are metal balls which regulate fluid flow by functioning as check valves. The combination of the orifice size and the arrangement of the seat with the metal balls determine the flow rate and direction, respectively. There are examples of valve body designs where the metal balls are also supported by springs as a way to further control the flow.


If functioning properly, all of these pieces ensure the correct timing of the transmission shift. Any variation may result in lower performance. The hydraulic fluid activates the necessary clutch pack or servo units based on the selected gear. Computerized transmission units utilize electrical solenoids attached to the valve body to maintain the flow direction and placement of the hydraulic fluid within the compartments.


As it’s mostly the case, in applications where there is fluid or gas which needs to be contained or regulated, there is the need for sealing. That sealing is provided commonly by layers of fiber material placed onto either side of the metal plate, or in more recent designs, this functionality is provided by partially coated or fully elastomer coated metal layers.

These pieces working against each other, provide the necessary functionality and may become worn, the plate may be warped over a period of usage resulting in the need for the separator plate to be replaced.


At that time, Temel is a reliable source to provide all requirements for valve body separator plates. Based on user preference, either the metal plate if needed to be replaced or the fiber layers individually.


Temel is a trusted partner to leading OEM and aftermarket companies for engineered sealing solutions. Product development is a continuous part of Temel’s operations and in addition to gaskets, the wide range of product types including heat shields, dynamic seals, reed valves are evidence to the versatility of Temel’s design expertise.




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