We are pleased to share that, Temel has maintained its position among AASA’s Top Aftermarket Suppliers 2020.

The list includes the leaders of the automotive technology, most of which are direct OEM suppliers the same way Temel has been for several decades.

These companies have proven themselves on the OEM front and established a solid foundation for their brands in the aftermarket.

The top aftermarket companies are not just parts manufacturers but they also shape the future of the automotive market, the parts aftermarket.

Temel has been a contributor to the global automotive industry with its product offerings, its investment in new technologies, close customer relations and continuous participation to the events that bring the whole industry together. Temel was a bronze sponsor to AAPEX this year and a gold level sponsor to AASA’s OAC Global Reception.

Most importantly, AASA’s Top Aftermarket Suppliers 2020 is a group of companies who work together to enhance the global automotive network and provide the best service to its clients.

We thank our clients for their confidence in Temel for delivering the right products, providing reliable service and we would like to thank our partners for their efforts in keeping Temel at the top of the list.

aasa top aftermarket suppliers 2020


*AASA logo and the magazine cover are properties of prospective companies. Temel does not claim ownership or any official partnership to the organizations mentioned. The images are used for reference purposes only.

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