Temel Gaskets enjoyed a fun cook out to kick off a great summer. The entire Temel family in our Izmir offices got together for some appetizing food on a sunny afternoon.

Last week marked a very pleasant instance for Temel. We got together as all employees from the two facilities of Temel Gaskets in Izmir. It was a fun gathering of the whole family and kicked off a great summer to come.

The lunch break for Temel Gaskets employees was not one to be missed for each family member. It was a time to catch up, feel the rightful pride of great success the Temel has achieved in the first half of 2018 and enjoy a sunny day in Izmir. Besides, there were delicious kofte (Turkish style meatballs) grilled meticulously by the recently appointed deputy-CEO Timucin Kip and served to all of our employees by Temel’s recently appointed CEO Tunc Kip. The gathering was surely memorable and highlighted the appreciation of Temel for the contribution of each member of its family to the notable impact we create on the global industry.

Photos from Temel Gaskets Barbecue Party:

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For Turkish version: Temel Conta Çalışanları Mangal Etkinliği ile Bir Araya Geldi

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