2016 has been a busy and productive year for Temel Gaskets. In addition to manufacturing high quality engine sealing components, we also take part in International auto parts shows and special delegation visits that are organized by leading industry organizations. Temel Gaskets Recently participated in a  delegation visit as part of TAYSAD, a Turkish automotive organization that promotes unity between government and manufacturers. The delegation visited Ford Motor Company and General Motors, both located in Detroit, one of the world’s top cities for auto manufacturing. This marked our second delegation visit to Ford Motor Company in Detroit this year, separate from our direct company visits.

Temel Gaskets enjoys engaging in company travel to increase our business opportunities. As a result of our business ventures, we have established a new relationship with General Motors. The manufacturing technology at Temel offers many opportunities for potential projects and the formation of a long term supplying partnership with General Motors. Temel Gaskets is actively pursuing opportunities for new projects with OEMs as a sealing solution partner. We offer products ranging from the latest technology gaskets, to heat shields, and dynamic seals. As Q1 certified direct supplier to Ford Motor Company, Temel Gaskets is expanding the scope of our valued partnership with Ford. We have two fully operational facilities located in Izmir, Turkey and have invested into a quarter of million square foot expansion that will be our third manufacturing facility. 

As part of the Turkish Automotive Suppliers Delegation, we were able to meet with many influential companies during the weeklong event. On Monday, we took part in an engaging reception with the Turkish Resource Center of North America, an organization that works to link North American companies with Turkey to help them obtain their highest economic potential. Wednesday, the delegation met with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). MEDC advocates to grow business opportunities in Michigan that will promote economic growth. They provide training and federal programs that will keep Michigan leading the way in innovation. On Friday, we met with KC Smartport, a non-profit organization that focuses on economic development by presenting Kansas City as the most appealing place for freight-based companies.   

During our time in Detroit with TAYSAD, the delegation also visited the SAE World Congress event that took place at the Cobo Center. The SAE World Congress is an annual event that brings together top leaders in the automotive industry. The mission of SAE, the Society of Automotive and Aeronautic Engineers, is to connect scientists and engineers together to promote innovation in automotive engineering, commercial vehicles, and aerospace technology. This year’s participants included engineers, management teams, academics, consultants, government officials, and industry executives. This diverse group of attendees provided a variety of background experiences that enhanced the exchange of information and ideas at the conference. Those in attendance had a first look at new technology trends, access to networking events, professional development seminars, and a 2-day career fair. Temel Gaskets Director of Business Development, Tunc Kip, is on the board of the SAE Atlanta Chapter. This week, SAE Atlanta hosted SAE International President, Cuneyt L. Oge, who presented an invigorating presentation on the future of the auto and aerospace industry.   

We have enjoyed visiting Detroit to explore our potential for new business partnerships. Our visit presented us with exciting opportunities and allowed us to engage with inspiring business leaders and industry innovators. As we continue creating our high quality sealing solutions, we look forward to future journeys and the opportunities they will present.  


Photo Credit: weburbanist.com 

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