Temel Gaskets offers a wide variety of engine sealing components and aftermarket parts. Below, we have showcased some of our products with descriptions of their function and purpose in automotive vehicles. In addition to the offerings below, our engineers are capable of designing and manufacturing custom parts. The core of our gasket product line includes: cylinder head gaskets, exhaust gaskets, valve cover gaskets, and turbocharger gaskets, in addition to heat shields and dynamic shields.

Cylinder Head Gaskets

Gaskets are used to seal engine parts and prevent leaks. A cylinder head gasket is positioned between the cylinder head and engine block, allowing it to seal the cylinders and provide the most possible compression to prevent coolant or engine oil from leaking into the cylinders. The areas between the cylinders are the weakest point in an engine. Located in the combustion chamber, many consider the head gasket to be the most important part of the engine. It must be extremely durable and compatible to the type of power produced by the engine. These gaskets can be manufactured out of many different materials, including: rubber, aramid, glass, cork, and metal. Having the correct cylinder head gasket prevents potentially serious and damaging internal and external leaks.These types of gaskets must be bolted down with a torque wrench to ensure they stay in place. Temel Gaskets offers a wide range of cylinder head gaskets for heavy duty and commercial vehicles.

Exhaust gaskets

Exhaust gaskets must be properly compressed to prevent exhaust fumes from going into the cooling system and causing engine damage.The structure of exhaust manifold varies due to engine characteristics and vehicle type. the exhaust manifold can either be a set of pipes or a cast iron manifold assembly. The exhaust manifold transports the burned exhaust gases from cylinders in the engine and releases the gas via the exhaust system, exiting from the tail pipe. The exhaust gasket seals the exhaust manifold surface to the cylinder head surface,which prevents leaks within the system. Eventually, the continual contraction and expansion of the parts (resulting from constant engine cooling and heating), might cause a gasket leak. These leaks can be very dangerous because if hot exhaust gases breakout, it can damage other components inside the engine. A leak in the exhaust gasket will usually decrease total engine performance. To perform efficiently, exhaust gaskets should properly fit the design and hold an evenly distributed load. The correct material has to be used to prevent the gasket from burning away or gradually withering from oxidation. Testing the exhaust gasket is essential because the actual temperature may exceed the design predictions. When choosing an exhaust gasket design, it is very important to make sure the material is strong enough to withstand the anticipated engine conditions.

Valve Cover Gaskets

A valve cover gasket is a metal cover located at the top of an engine. A cork or rubber gasket attaches the valve cover to the engine. The valve cover and gasket seal the top of the engine and prevent oil leaks. The covers are removable, allowing access to adjust the valves. Due to the engine’s high temperature, valve cover gaskets are susceptible to becoming brittle and breaking. At Temel Gaskets, our high quality gaskets are made of materials that will not wear out, preventing any engine oil leaks.

Turbocharger Gaskets

Turbocharger gaskets are able to withstand extremely high temperatures while an engine is operating. The engine oil level should not increase too much, so the gasket does not leak. The inside diameter must be large enough for oil to drain through smoothly. It is important that the oil has the correct thickness in relation to the ambient temperature. Preventing oil contamination is essential to keeping the turbo functioning properly. Foreign objects that enter the oil will become trapped and the gasket will require a cartridge change. And as many auto owners have learned, the oil should be changed at regular intervals to make sure the turbocharger gaskets operate at their highest capacity. At Temel Gaskets, we use the highest quality gasket material to withstand tough conditions.

Heat Shields

Heat shields protect engines from overheating. They keep keep engines from absorbing too much heat by reflecting or scattering the excess heat. For automotive uses, heat shields improve vehicle performance by protecting the engine parts, therefore, having quality heat shields is essential to building the most efficient and durable automotive machine. Heat shields usually come in two types: rigid and flexible. Rigid heat shields are solid and often made of aluminium and sometimes steel. The materials are designed to retain their shape despite changing engine conditions. Flexible heat shields can be made from aluminium sheeting with enhancements from ceramic insulation. Beyond automobiles, heat shields are also used in spacecrafts. At Temel Gaskets, we have the engineering capacity to rapidly manufacture custom heat shields for multiple applications. 

Dynamic Seals

Dynamic seals are used in situations that involve motion and are classified by the movement of the objects they are placed in. The types of motion include rotating, oscillating, and reciprocating motion. The performance of dynamic seals is usually influenced by interrelated environmental factors, such as: lubrication, thermal cycling, friction, and more. In order to create the best dynamic seals, all of these factors must be considered. For dynamic seals, the material used must be suitable to the heat exposure the device will endure. While these gaskets keep contaminants from entering the engine, they also may have to withstand a great deal of pressure. Rope packing and synthetic rubber are usually the choice materials for automotive dynamic seals. 

We look forward to continuing our engineering innovation in engine sealing technology. Our products have the potential for use in a wide variety of applications, even beyond automotive technology and we welcome the possibility to create new business partnerships. You can find more information about our featured products here and are welcome to contact us with any questions.

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